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Innovative Lender Solutions

We give financial institutions the tools they need to serve each and every customer at the highest level.

Our innovative technologies empower lenders – reducing risk, enhancing relationships, and providing unmatched visibility. In the process, they enhance the connections between financial institutions and the people they serve by taking the guesswork out of the lending process.

Using BB360 software

Lendovative Solutions

Our purpose-built solutions can help your business succeed by:

  • Mitigating risk
  • Diversifying your loan portfolio
  • Satisfying auditors and regulators
  • Providing standardization across all borrowers


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Who We AreWe’re experts in the fintech space.

Our team represents the ideal combination of financial and technological expertise. With hands-on experience at every level – from software design and implementation, to the C-suite, to time with the U.S. Treasury – we have a thorough understanding of lenders’ unique and ever-changing needs. And we transform that understanding into scalable and empowering technological solutions.

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Innovative Lender Solutions

Risk Mitigation

Borrower-based lending has always had a perilous dark side – potential losses from borrower fraud or credit risks that were simply detected too late. By eliminating the time-intensive (and error-prone) process of tracking and monitoring ABL collateral, BB-360 significantly mitigates these risks.

Loan Diversification

By automatically right-sizing loans based on consistent, standardized factors, BB-360 will help us diversify our loan portfolio by opening up entirely new markets and opportunities for our firm.

Standardized Methodology

In the world of borrower-based lending, 'consistency' can be a hard thing to come by. But the technology behind BB-360 can help deliver a new level of predictability – through a standardized methodology that puts borrowers and lenders on a level playing field.


In developing our innovative, lender-centric technologies, we partner with other awarded, industry-leading firms to layer on even more specialized services:

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